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               IMPLEMENT                 Open the Pacific door for learning   the missing historical perspective   as the communitywide solution.   Your help develops needed      maps and teaching tools.  

USA Proud Learning shares the story of our landscape and people.

          CALL-TO-ACTION                   introduces the problem to fix.       This message starts growing the      communication capacity to create     solutions.  A project inspires us       to awaken your passion for      learning across California.  

​​​​​​​Help Change The Reality of California Teens-At-Risk To Ignorance Of History and Preparedness.  


Community Celebrations Help Unify 


       DELIVER THE GOAL         The learning experience grows the      capability for skills to improve            public education - teaching           our history so we are not a     community of strangers.

Alta California Flag raising at Fort Ross Culture Capital of America500 Pacific celebration

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This  ORIENTATION STEP shares the learning mission: how will the community team building purpose help improve basic knowledge for youth preparedness, with local history awareness and caring